The United Mounted Peace Officers of Texas

Great Training Opportunities


This Association was created to answer an apparent need within our state to provide TCLEOSE and approved standardized training, education and co-operative affiliations between law enforcement, mounted officers, public service departments, volunteer posses, civic workers and search and rescue units. This is the oldest and only statewide horse organization for posses and mounted officers. We have a partnership with the Sheriff's Association of Texas, Agriculture Extension Service, East Texas Medical Services, In-house certified trainers as well as certified instructors from the various Mounted Patrols around the state, the Coulla Border Patrol Station, Texas DPS Tactical Defense Instructor, and Texas A&M University that work with us.


We are in process of starting a new program for at risk children. Mounted police horses make excellent mentoring horses for at Risk Youth, and Women at Risk with equine psychotherapy in family volence  and poverty situations. Juvenile Justice Prevention is a part of law enforcement in being pro-active thus our equine mentoring/ lab skills program. 

This is the oldest and only statewide horse organization addressing eleven key areas where there was not a successful method to address these areas.